Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Summer is Flying By

Carter was up really early this morning, and I just laid him down for a nap, so I figured I could blog and then get a little nap in.  I'm in my third trimester now, so naps are quite often a necessity.  I am 29 1/2 weeks right now and everything is looking good. I do have a lot of contractions, but they don't seem to be causing any harm, so that is wonderful.  I have been going to physical therapy twice a week, which is quite comical as you might imagine. Big Kahuna waddling into therapy with all the other fit and thin clients is quite a site.  I am looking pretty big these days and my belly button is beginning to push it's way out. I'm sure you all wanted to know that right? LOL.  Well, it's my blog and I can say what I want to say. hehehe

Carter is doing so well these days. He is such a joy. We have had to tighten up on our discipline with him, but it is really paying off. He is becoming very obedient and sweet. I will take a few more just like him. LOL  We have started having Bible time with him every night as our schedule allows and he just loves it. He loves to pray too. He puts his little hand in ours and while we are praying he promptly says "ahhhmeeen" and takes his hands away.  Then he gives them back and we pray a little more and then "ahhhhmeeen." It is pretty cute stuff.

Casey is on break from Seminary this summer and that has been very nice. We have been having some good quality time together. I'm going to be spoiled and then he will go back to school. What a bummer!! I will have a new little one to keep me busy or should I saw busier.  

We are having VBS at our church this week and it is going so well. We have had a ton of kids and it has been a great blessing. I pray that the Lord is using us to show them their need of a savior, even at such a young age. I am in charge of the oldest group's crafts (10-12 y/o) so that has been fun and busy.  I did get the room with the best AC so that has been very nice. I guess they know that "preggo" aka "big kahuna" needs to be cool. LOL

Here is the baby nursery for VBS


Here is the opening assembly with all the kids


My Craft Room

The Space Station

Here I am trying to talk and no one is listening. LOL

So, I think I am ready for that nap now. Off I go. Hope everyone is having a wonderful, relaxing, 100 degree heat FREE summer. LOL

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