Monday, February 1, 2010

Not me Monday!!

Happy February to everyone. I cannot believe that it is February already. I have a feeling that this year is going to fly by. This time last year I had just found out that I was pregnant and this year I have two precious little boys. The Lord is so good to us beyond what we deserve.

I love to do Not Me Mondays and I have a little down time this evening, so I'm going to throw one together real quick. Hope you enjoy and get some laughs and somehow in a sick way feel better about yourself through my shortcomings. :-)

I am most certainly NOT the mom that puts my infant in the bathtub everyday and proceeds to feed him his cereal so that we don't make a big mess everywhere and ruin his clothes in the process, nope not me.

When my sister stayed the night with me last week I definitely did not offer for her to use Carter's toothbrush instead of mine to brush her teeth. Nope, not me. That would be gross to make her use my son's tooth brush since we all know what two year olds put in their mouth- EVERYTHING! Nuuuhh!!!

Yesterday at church I did NOT give my son two desserts so that he would sit longer in the highchair and then send him to the nursery for the nursery workers to handle his sugar high. Nope Not me!

Last night at dinner, there is no way that I let my oldest son think his roast and potatoes were actually apples, so that he would eat them, because he hates carbs! Nope, not me!

If you want to do a not me Monday as well, go and link up to McMama's blog and join in on the fun.

I hope that everyone has a Happy Monday. I know that Mondays can be tough. Here is a picture of mischief makers that make my Mondays SOOOOO much better. :-)