Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dream Bedroom

When we first moved into this house we took the bedroom that had the bathroom attached, but it was the smaller of the two bedrooms upstairs.  Our bedroom was blah, unexciting, and downright depressing.  So, we decided to switch rooms with Carter so that we could have a larger bedroom.  When we first got married our family loaned us some master bedroom furniture. It was nice, but not what we wanted.  We wanted to have a king size bed for the whole family to fit in. :-) I ordered some bedding for the new bed a few months ago, but we had not bought a bedroom suit yet. I was shopping around and price matching and trying to find the best deal, but still get something that we would both like.  One night when I was browsing on craigslist I found an Ashley bedroom suit for 2000 dollars that included a king size bed, a dress, two side tables, and a vera wang pillow top mattress.  I was interested in it, but we were not able to do it at the time.  A few weeks later the price had dropped some and I talked to Casey about it and we decided that we would make a lower offer and see if they accepted.  I sent the owner a message and said that I had 1400 dollars cash if she would take it.  She sent me a message back and said it was a deal. I was so excited, but didn't quite know what to think. I hadn't even seen the furniture except for a few small pictures.  Casey went on Saturday to pick it up and it turned out to be wonderful and in great condition.  

Mom and I wanted to paint the room and really make a statement with the color.  We went and picked out some paint and a glaze to go over it.  We brought it home, painted one wall and decided that it wasn't going to work.  We took the paint back and got our money back, which was pretty amazing, because Lowe's doesn't usually give money back for tinted paint.  We decided to go with another option and went straight home to get to painting, because we only had two days to finish before Casey brought the furniture.  

Here's the beginning of the makeover

The first color that was oh so bad!

More mess


The new pretty glazed walls

Love it!! Such a cozy oasis!

Mom is such a wonderful designer.  Didn't we do well?

My new chair that my mom got me for my birthday. I love it

Just makes me want to go take a nap, as if I need more encouragement to take a nap. :-)

Well, I think that it turned out so well. It is a perfect Indian/Boho oasis and we love it.  Hope you enjoyed the process.  I know I'm just glad that it's done.  From start to finish it took 5 days.  Pretty good, huh?

Well, hope you have a great week.  Lord bless you.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The View From Here

We went to the park as a family the other day, actually, Sunday after church.  We grabbed some icees and skittles and headed to the park.  I had to bust out the camera and take some fun shots.  I was trying to snap pictures from different angles than what I normally do. It was fun and I liked the way some of them turned out.

Here is my precious serious baby J. 

A cool wind chime thingy

My precious big boy digging in the dirt

Baby J and Daddy

Baby J and Mommy

Carter riding on a turtle

So fun!

Climbing up to have some fun

Slides are fun

Jude's first ride down a slide!

Jude's second ride down the slide!


On the run!

I have so much to do today, so I better run on and get started.  Have a great weekend everyone.