Friday, March 1, 2013

Wait List Number

We got our wait list number.  We are..... 

This is about what we expected it to be. Things have been moving pretty slowly with relicensing at West Sands as well as with many orphanages in Ethiopia. There was some concern that some agencies would not be relicensed, but our agency was not one of them, praise the Lord.  

The way our list works is that everyone is on the same list whether they want older children, younger children, girls, boys or special needs, so you don't have to get down to number one to get your referral. 

We are thankful to be on the list even if our number seems forever away. We have much to do and much money to raise before we are ready for our sweet girl, alway.  

Thanks for your Prayers. We are praying for patience right now. 

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