Monday, March 18, 2013

Show Hope Grant

We received a $5000 grant from Show Hope for our adoption. We were blown away by the amount considering we didn't think we would get anything.  The Lord is making a way to bring our daughter home. We have $11,000 more to raise to be able to complete our adoption. Please pray for us as we have about a year to raise the remaining funds. We know the Lord will provide.

We have our big garage sale/bake sale this Friday and Saturday and we are hoping to raise $1000 from all the donations that we have received.  Thanks so much to our friends and family that have donated. We are so blessed by your generosity.  It has been a lot of work, but we know it will be worth it.  It's amazing how supportive you have all been.  

Please specifically pray for me, that I would have patience.  This process is so long and hard. Pray that I will seek His face and trust His timing.  

My prayer this week is "Lord, help me to wait well and trust your timing to bring Our Girl home"


A song that has encouraged me this week.

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