Monday, December 28, 2009

Not me! Monday

So, last week was Christmas week and I had a wonderful time with family and friends, and I hope you all did as well.  Christmas pictures will be coming soon.  So stay tuned...

When I would go out and run errands last week, no I did NOT tell my son I was getting more "pessants" so he wouldn't fuss when I left.

No, I definitely did not take a present to my in-laws that my son had semi-unwrapped in it's pitiful state.  Nope, not me!!

I most certainly did not take my 3 month old son to a 10:30 pm movie on Christmas night because I wanted to have  a little fun.  And there's no way that I wore my pjs to afore mentioned movie.  Not Me!!

When we got home from Christmas my husband and I most certainly did not hide my older son's gifts, because we didn't want to put them together yet.  What horrible parents--Not us!

My husband has been out of school for about a week now, and I have been wanting to have some good hang out time with him, but he loves to read all the time and there is absolutely no way that I would ask him not to read for a few days, so that he would spend time with me.  That's so selfish- Not Me!!

I got photoshop CS4 for Christmas and I would surely not neglect my children, because I want to play around and learn all kind of cool stuff.  No, Not Me!!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my Not Me post this week.  This is the first one that I have done and I will try to do more in the future.  If you also would like to do a Not Me! Monday post just follow this link to McMama's Blog and join in the fun.

In Christ, Hannah

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TheFancyFritter said...

LOL! How fun! I love doing Not Me! MOndays! :) I think the hiding the toys part is hilarious! haha!