Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween and Birthdays

Here are some pictures from our birthday weekend.  Carter turned two years old and my sister Heather turned 23.

Here is a picture of Carter opening his thomas the train present.  He was so excited that Daddy had to set it up immediately.  He is addicted to Thomas the Train. It might even border on being unhealthy. LOL.

Here Daddy was making him wait to put the train on till he was completely done setting the track up.

Finally, Daddy let him play with it.

Heather's birthday is on Halloween, so the girls decided to dress up for the family. LOL

Hope was a fairy

Heather was a gogo dancer and Hallie was Snow White

Here is Jude making a face at me. This picture just makes me laugh.

Here is Carter.  He was a little Indian. We named him "Pale Face Dark Pants". I'll let you figure out what the dark pants stands for.

Here is the cowboy and the Indian together...and mom is just a prop.

Here is Carter opening his gift from Auntie

Jude and mommy just hanging out.

The four lovely ladies

Here is Heather with some of her presents

What a cute little cuddle bug

Opening more gifts

Here is a side view of Carter's hair.  It definitely took lots of hairspray

Mimzy and Gramps got him his first bike.

This is what Jude did during the celebration

Finally one picture looking at the camera

Well, I hope that you had a good time looking at my pictures. I love to take pictures if you can't tell. :-) Carter and Heather had great birthdays, so it was a success.  Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday weekend as well.

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TheFancyFritter said...

How fun! Those pictures of your sisters crack me up! Carter was the cutest little Indian! :)