Sunday, January 25, 2009

If the equate brand says positive it must be true!

Well, we have some news in our little home. We are expecting a baby in September.  We were not planning on getting pregnant for another year or so but the Lord had different plans.  We just happened to have a perfectly timed accident and believe me it only takes one. :-) The Lord opens and closes the womb and I am thankful that the Lord even allows me to get pregnant because so many people are not able to.  I'm pretty much in shock about it. Casey is really really excited but it's taking me a little while to get used to it.  I just really hate being pregnant. I feel so ugly and fat and I can't sleep and it just isn't fun to me and I have really bad heartburn the whole way, but maybe this time will be different.  I know that the Lord will give me strength to get through it and I pray the Lord will give me another healthy child.  I will be sure to take lots of pictures this time. I didn't do very well with that last time, but I was also in school. 

I think that I'm going to quit work in a few months because I really don't want to be working with the two children and I wanted to be able to have plenty of good time with Carter before the new baby comes, So that is what has been going on around here. :-)



Stacy Gibbs said...

Hey girl! That is so exciting! I'm so happy for ya'll! It will be a great pregnancy..I know it! :) That is great about work. I know you have loved it, but you are so right about relaxing and spending time with Carter! It will be a fun time you will be able to cherish forever! Love ya!

W Weido said...

Hey...something that might help: a cousin of mine once told me 'if you focus only on the unpleasant things about something, you won't be able to see the beauty and wonder of what is happening'.