Saturday, June 22, 2013

Malachi's Adoption

So we sent our first payment to go towards Malachi's adoption and I have learned more about his birth mom and what a sad story it is. I hate that one day I'm going to have to explain some hard things to him.  I'm praying even now that the Lord would give me grace to tell his story with as little hurt to him as possible.  Adoption is such a sad beautiful story.  His mom is about 27 weeks and had her last baby over four weeks early, so we plan to have our bags packed in 9 weeks or so.  So, what happens when she goes into labor, you ask? Well, they will let us know that she has gone to the hospital and we will grab our bags and head to Dallas. We aren't sure if we will be able to be in the delivery room, or if we will have to wait till he's discharged to get him.  It all depends on the birth mom's request and what the hospital allows for adoptive parents.   We will have to wait for ICPC clearance to be able to take him across state lines. After his birth mom signs the papers after 3 days then we will be his legal guardians till we go to court when he is 6 months old.   We will be going to meet with the attorney in Monroe in July and after this time will be contact with his birth mom till she gives birth.

 So far we have used our Ethiopia adoption money to pay the first $5000.  We have to pay the next $5000 in the beginning of July. We have received a grant from the SBC for $500 and we have applied for an interest free loan if we end up not having the money in time.  Praying that they will expedite our application since we had such short notice.  I'm trying to trust the Lord and not be anxious about where the money will come from.  I do know that the Lord has brought us this far and will continue to show the way. We are also planning another big garage sale/bake sale for July 27th, so mark your calendar and clean out your junk, because we will take it :) If you feel led to give toward our adoptions you can donate on the top right through our pay pal account. Even if it's only $10 dollars that is more than we had and are so grateful.

the Houghs

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